The Lezage Training Center is a unique, value-added service which has broad application to the commercial clients of agencies, brokers and insurers.

The service couples over 260, online OSHA, Human Rosources, Wellness, Environmental, and Healthcare courses with easy-to-use, client administrative features. The overall simplicity of the service's design, and its trouble-free operation, means you can:

  1. Quickly deploy the service out-of-the-box with minimal staff training,
  2. Have clients training employees within minutes, and
  3. Enjoy a negligible support and administrative burden.

Importantly, Lezage offers the service on an unusually cost-effective, flat annual fee basis, and in exchange, your small and mid-sized commercial clients (up to 1,000 employees each) have unlimited access to the service for employee training purposes.


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After we get to know one another, we'll arrange for a service test-drive. This test-drive puts you in the driver's seat so you can see exactly what your clients will experience.